Our products are innovative, low-emission and sustainable

Currently we are working intensively to develop various products up until serial suitability. Here is an example of some recent projects:

The tool uses muscle power and gravity. Through optimal use of these two elements, enough energy can be generated to operate a lamp and a clock, as well as to charge a mobile phone. Another feature is the production of combustible gases, which for example, can be used to cook. This product was designed by us primarily for use in emerging and developing countries, as well as crisis regions.

Besides a small car, we have also developed two-wheelers, which are clearly superior to the currently available technologies in terms of achievable range. The vehicle’s unique innovative energy recovery systems and designs are currently unavailable on the market.

With the differential-density motor and the magnet motor, we conduct research in two areas which generate energy in a way that has not yet been explored.

Water treatment and the provision of drinking water are important parts of our research. We are currently working on systems for the desalination of seawater, as well as technologies for the treatment of wastewater.